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Average Wait Time

The OrderBee app collects data for your specific venue and calculates an approximate wait time by comparing wait times from the same time period and day. Customers can easily stay up to date on when their order may be ready.

View Customer Status
Staff can conveniently view whether or not the customer has scanned and opened the ticket, as well as whether or not they have seen that their order is ready.
Works on any Smartphone Platform

iPhones, Androids, and most modern Smartphones available today automatically have QR code reading ability built into their camera function. Simply open the camera, point it at the QR code, and the link pops up.

Event happening in the dark? With the OrderBee app, the option to use a flashlight to scan the QR code is available.

Enterprise feature

Track orders, wait times, scans, and statuses. OrderBee users have the ability to add multiple venues under the same owner entity, allowing for the comparison of data across events and locations.

Backup Solution

OrderBee has you covered with a Plan B system already built into the paper tickets. A unique, three-character code in the middle of the QR square, which matches on each end of the paper ticket, can be used in case of wifi connectivity issues.

This code could also be used to confirm the customer is picking up the correct order.

API access
Enterprise feature

OrderBee’s app has API functionality, so that you can connect an external event app if desired.


OrderBee’s paper slips rely on a universal medium: paper. Creatively adapt the tickets to work for you.

Customizable Design
Enterprise feature

Each paper ticket can display an event, brand, or restaurant logo or slogan. These paper slips are fully customizable to fit your desired aesthetic upon consultation.